The National Land Commission (NLC) in partnership with the World Wide Fund Kenya (WWF) conducted a field visit to Base Titanium Ltd to observe the land rehabilitation and restoration the company is undertaking as per the conditions that are attached to their special lease and the Post Mining Land Use Plan.
The mining lease of the company is ending in 2025 and as per conditions attached to the lease, they are required to rehabilitate and restore the land around the mine.
The Post Mining Land Use Plan has four main pillars, (1) agribusiness, (2) conservation, (3) training and (4) Tallying Recycling , these proposals have been approved by the Post mining land use steering committee. The BTL has established a buffer zone of 300m in accordance with the NEMA regulations and also created artificial wetlands and dams to provide water and support biodiversity within the landscape.
Denham Vickers General Manager Operation at the company illustrated the production process. The manager emphasised that the company accrued economic benefits at same time achieved environmental sustainability including tree planting. Similarly, Environmental Manager, Nick Okello, demonstrated how Rehabilitation and Restoration Process has been done.
Base Titanium Ltd has supported the preparation of the Land Use Plan of the special mining lease area which is in the Kwale County Spatial Plan. 
The commission acknowledged the commendable work done by the company on Rehabilitation and Restoration Process. This goes to show that mining industries are aiding environmental sustainability even as they accrue economic benefits. The Commission stated that Restoration is one of the strategies to combat Climate Change.

• The restorative and rehabilitative practices by BTL stand out as good industry practice for the mining sector.
• These efforts must be jealously guarded and secured through a clear land tenure, administration and management regimes in accordance with the Land Act 2012.
• Post mining land use plan proposals be implemented as per the recommendations in the county spatial plan.

Christopher Kitonga, Principal Planner and Esterina Dokhe, Senior Natural Resource Officer from the commission were part of the participants during the field visit. The Commission is proactive in discharging its mandate regarding Management and Administration of public land on behalf of National and County Governments.

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