National Land Commission (NLC) in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) have today commenced the second phase of consolidation of information and data of natural resources across the country.
The multi-agency exercise taking place at Naivasha is expected to culminate into an Atlas (hardcopy and an interactive geoportal) that visually paints the picture of where, how much, the threats and inter-linkages between these resources and people.
The three-day session in Naivasha aims to review and update the ATLAS in readiness for public participation scheduled to take place at the end of February, this year.
While opening the Inter Agency Technical Working Committee (IATC) working session for the development of Kenya’s natural resources ATLAS, NLC acting. CEO Kabale Tache explained that as part of the Commission’s mandate to manage public land, the ATLAS will champion open and transparent information access to the public.
“Information and data relating to natural land resources are domiciled by respective government agencies and there is no single information hub that provides crucial information for decision making, planning and sustainable management of the country’s natural resources ” said Kabale.
She was categorical that the completion of this document will safeguard ecological areas and several other natural resources including Ewaso Ngi’ro and Chyulu conservation, both on the brink of depleting.
Kabale noted that the Commission, as a strategic constitutional institution, is mandated to undertake an inventory of all land-based resources with a view to creating necessary and reliable database.
“The ATLAS is aimed at promoting good governance and stewardship of Kenya’s natural capital and will be crucial in advancing the oversight responsibility of the Commission,” she stated.
The ATLAS contains information on wetlands and water resources, biodiversity and genetic resources, energy, minerals and petroleum resources, agro-based and livestock resources and socioeconomic linkages.
Together with the geoportal, the ATLAS is expected to be finalized and launched by July 2023 to facilitate its implementation and monitoring of the natural resources status as well as development of advisories for influencing policies and strategies.
Also attending the session are Deputy Director Natural Resources Mr. Benard Opaa, NLC Public Land Information Management Deputy Director Dr. Samuel Nthuni, Research Deputy Director, Dr. Mary Wandia and other Secretariat staff.
Several state institutions including Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning and Kenya Wildlife Services, Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KeFRI) are also present.

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