National Land Commission Awarded

The National Land Commission (NLC) emerged victorious at the inaugural Internal Audit & Risk Awards, 2024.
The Commission was the First Runners Up in the category of Commissions and Independent Offices.
Present to receive the award on behalf of the Commission was the Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management Ochuodho Peter, Senior Internal Audit Officer Irvin Karungu and Internal Audit Officer Irene Mbero.
The inaugural Internal Audit and Risk Awards recognize organizations and individuals that have achieved high standards in Internal Audit Governance. The awards also recognize innovations in the adoption of Internal Auditing standards, the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), by individuals and high-performing audit teams. The Awards will also present an opportunity for participants to understand the Global Internal Audit Standards (GIS) that are effective 2025 and role of the standards in strengthening Internal Audit Governance.

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