Ms Kabale Tache Arero has formally taken over as the CEO of the National Land Commission (NLC) after she was sworn into office today (Monday) June 19, 2013.
The swearing in, at the Supreme Court, was presided over by the Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya, Hon. Lady justice Philomena Mbete Mwilu. The Deputy Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Hon. Paul Ndemo, administered the oath of office to Ms Arero.
“As unequivocally captured in the words of my Oath that I have just subscribed to, I promise to perform the duties of my office faithfully, diligently and without fear or favour for the benefit of all Commission stakeholders,” Ms Kabale said in her brief remarks after she took the oath.
She also emphasised the need to work with all stakeholders – executive, parliament, judiciary, civil society and all Kenyans – towards the full implementation of the NLC mandate.
“Specifically, I commit to work closely with the Executive, the Parliament and the Judiciary to build on the strides made in the land sector. I will endeavour to also work with all strategic partners and multi-agency teams so as to bring about effectiveness and efficiencies in land related transactions,” she said.
She promised to lead the NLC secretariat by example in all areas “including but not limited to high productivity culture, good governance and inculcation of sense of teamwork.”
“I promise to live by the words of former US President Harry Truman who said that; ‘It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit’” she said.
In her remarks, the Deputy Chief Justice reminded the CEO of the “weighty responsibility” she now bears.
“The eight functions of the National Land Commission under Article 67 are critical to realise the equitable, efficient, productive and sustainable use and management of land in 4 Kenya. Recognising the centrality of land within our social, economic and cultural contexts, allow me to draw your attention to the objects of the all commissions and independent offices under Article 249. They are to: protect the sovereignty of the people; secure the observance by all State organs of democratic values and principles; and promote constitutionalism,” the Deputy Chief Justice said.
“Consider the honour that has been bestowed upon you to serve the people of Kenya; keep the provisions of Art. 249 and the oath you have sworn here today as your unequivocal true North, and you shall without a doubt serve with success and distinction,” Hon. Justice Mwilu added.
NLC Chairperson Gershom Otachi said that Ms Kabale had emerged the best candidate in the interviews done on June 12, 2023, and therefore deserved the appointment. He restated that the Commission had conducted an open, transparent and competitive process that led to the appointment of Ms Kabale.

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