August 16, 2023
A delegation from the Republic of Yemen led by Falif Saif paid a courtesy call to the Commission to benchmark on the successes and experiences of Commission in land administration and management and resolution of conflicts related to land.

The delegation was taken through the history of land administration in Kenya, the legal and institution framework relating to land, land disputes resolution mechanisms, among others. The delegation is on a mission to learn from various countries in order to implement the lessons learnt as they rebuild their country. The Interpeace Country representative in Kenya, Ismael Hassan, was the link between the Yemen delegation and the Commission.

The meeting was attended by Commissioners Reginald Okumu and Hubbie Hussein, who were flanked by Director Land Administration and Management, Prof. David Kuria, Director Land Use Planning and Research, Mr. Charles Kagema and Deputy Director, GeoInformation Management, Dr. Samuel Nthuni.

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