Lamu County.
11th September, 2023
National Land Commission (NLC) on Monday, conducted a public inquiry on ‘LR 28101 Nightshade Land’, which was held at the Mokowe Chief Camp, Lamu.
The main purpose of the meeting was to inquire about the interest on the land as per the Land Act 2012.
A group of about 100 members claiming to be Kilalani Farmers attended the public inquiry to object any compensation to the Nightshade by LAPSSET.
The Kilalani members claim that they inherited the land from their ancestors hence they are the bonafide owners of the land. The farmers gave their verbal claims on the land in question through their leaders.
The team which was led by NLC Chairperson Gershom Otachi and Commissioners Reginald Okumu, Hubbie Hussein, Alister Murimi and Hon. Tiyah Galgalo then proceeded to carry out a site visit to the land parcel in question as well as the Port of Lamu.
A team from LAPSSET led by Eng. Salim Mohammed were part of the inquiry.

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