Land Use Planning & Research

Dr Herbert Musoga - Dir. Land Use Planning & Research

Key Responsibilities & Functions

  • To monitor and ensure land use planning in the country is carried out as per the functions of the Commission and law.
  • Develop and prepare an effective and efficient system for coordinating monitoring and overseeing the Commission’s land use planning functions in the national government, county governments and any other agents.
  • Liaise with national government in the preparation of the National Land Use Policy (NLUP), National Land Use Spatial Planning Policy (NLUSPP) and general principles and guidelines on land use planning.
  • Identify and advise the commission on the types and content of various land use plans at different levels – national, regional (county) and local levels.
  • Oversee the preparation of Land Use Plans as a framework for managing public land both at the national and county levels through liaison with national, county and local planning agencies in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of land use plans.
  • Liaise with and oversee other specialized agencies responsible for development planning in transport infrastructure works, energy and oil, mining and other natural resources.
  • Advice the Commission on appropriateness of plans presented for approval by management bodies.
  • Advise the commission on the development of strategic national projects occurring on public land such as Techno Cities, Special Economic Zones, Resort Cities etc.
  • Advise the commission on suitability of land to be acquired for public purposes including creating land banks and land for other uses such as public housing, industry and land for investment.
  • Establish and maintain comprehensive record of plans for all public land.
  • Coordinate processing of applications for plot allocations, extension of leases, extension of user, change of user and subdivisions at the County Land Management Boards.
  • Liaise with other sectoral agencies with respect to land use planning and development.

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