Human Resource & Admin

Ben Bett - Ag. Human Resource & Admin

The Human Resources Management unit is responsible for development and implementation of appropriate Human Resource [HR] strategies that ensure that the Commission attracts and retains a professional team of motivated employees.

The Human Resource Directorate supported the recruitment of 300 new staff members. This will infuse the Commission with new competencies and skills that will help in the achievement of the strategic direction. However there is still need for the recruitment of more land administration officers, surveyors, land valuers and taxation officers and researchers to help strengthen the County Coordinators s and Commission’s work in the counties. The Commission has worked with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and PWC on staff matters. The Commission has also seen to working with over 60 interns from various Universities in Kenya.

Key Responsibilities & Functions:

  • Advising the Commission on all matters pertaining to Human Resource.
  • Issuing administrative guidelines on interpretation and implementation of labour laws and other human resource related statutes.
  • Helping the Commission in development of policies for attracting, retaining and developing Human Resource
  • Developing and reviewing the HR policies and procedures
  • Management of the recruitment process and analysis of the training needs of Human Resource
  • Advising on career development of all employees within the Commission

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